Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cards

Good Day! I've finally gotten my Christmas cards done!! Man, did I slack this year!!! They are supposed to be delivered tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!! I tried something new this year. Vista Print has "free" stuff all the time. I say "free" because you pay through the nose for shipping :o( But, I found this time that it was so worth the shipping!!! I ordered the large postcards for free (50) and paid $2.49 to upload my design & $4.99 for 50 envelopes. I also ordered a couple of other freebies, like a poster (11x14) & then the 2nd one was only $3!!! I ordered a poster size 2009 with a photo & a window cling. I also got 100 small postcards to put in with my eBay shipments as a thank you. All that was for $32+ I chose Priority shipping...ordered last Saturday night & arriving Friday. THEN, I opened my mouth (insert foot!!) and showed my parents. They asked me to make one for them, but they didn't want 50...well, for the price, 50 worked out to be a better deal. Sooo...I ordered theirs on Monday night & will also be arriving tomorrow! I ordered 50 for them with envelopes, 10 greeting cards & 240 return address labels for them. I also saw they offered free hats & t shirts, so I got a hat for my son with his soccer team's name on it & a window cling for him, too. I got 10 large magnets of the kids & a desk calendar with different photos for each month! You could also add birthdays, etc. for each date if you wanted! I got a notepad for my mom & dad & a set of Post its for me. All that came to $43.66...not too bad!! I forgot to mention that the postcards are 8.5x5.5 in size!!!! I'll have to report on the quality when they come in. I did order Alexa's birth announcements from them & was pleased, so these should be pretty good, too. Here's the cards....there's print & a photo on the back, too!!! The top one is mine & the bottom is of my niece & nephew for my parents.

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