Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So much for those Resolutions LOL!

I'm hoping I just have post-Holiday blues...haven't taken any pictures this year yet LOL

Started back to doing snack bar after school today...really don't enjoy any aspect of running it.  We make pretty decent money in an hour but the time & effort it takes to get ready is really no fun!!!  Auditions start tomorrow and hopefully end Thursday...really not ready to get into the swing of things with musical but the show must go on LOL!  Stage Crew starts Saturday, which should be interesting.  Tom has to build a huge castle (we're doing Once Upon A Mattress) sturdy enough for 1/2 the cast to dance on but easy enough to take apart in 2 days after closing...should be a snap...NOT!!  Renovations start for our new auditorium so it should be fun and interesting this year!  We just hope we get all the things we asked for.
Hope to be back tomorrow with some photos...

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