Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Am Still In SHOCK :)

I was first introduced to Digital Scrapbooking by my cousin's wife, Mary.  She made up some really cute signs for her son's birthday party and hung them up around the house.  We got to talking and she told me about Ikea Goddess (who is no longer posting) and how she links you up to free scrapbooking supplies for digital use.  Once I got home, I immediately looked her up.  I quickly made some new online friends, one being Sarah of Cabana Girl Designs, who introduced me to the Speed Scrap concept and ScrapMatters forum/gallery!  I was in such awe of all the amazing designers and scrapbookers over there & played along with the challenges, etc.  WELL, guess who was accepted to the SM CT!?!  ME!!!!  I am so over the moon, I can't stand it!!  In my opinion, it is the greatest site and to be accepted was such an honor!!   If you haven't been there ever, or maybe in a while, stop by because it is a really fun site with so many helpful folks!  The challenges are great, with a new one most days of the month!

In fact, they've revamped how they do their challenges, calling the BINGO challenges.  How it works is download a card to play with (you can use this each month!).  Each day a SM CT or designer introduces a new challenge (they are all posted in one thread at the beginning of the month, though) and shows off some sample LOs.  This is done for the first 24 days of the month.  You do whichever LOs you want, all of them is awesome!!  When you complete the challenge, you add a thumbnail of it to your card after you upload the LO to the SM gallery.  After the month closes, you can attend a BINGO chat to earn great prizes and have lots of fun learning about a SM designer.  You still have a few days to play along for February if you'd like is the ad for the upcoming BINGO Chat for this is linked to the SM forum for the February challenges.  Hope to see you there!!

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