Monday, November 17, 2008


Want to win $10?!?! I DO! I DO!!!

From the MSS store:
It's not a skill or technique contest. You don't have to be a super scrapper to do it. In fact, you just have to follow a few very simple rules to be entered in the drawing to win $10 at our store. (And if you've seen our store, you know that $10 goes a LONG way)

How to play:

- Use MSS Designer products, freebies, etc. only. There are freebies in our store, on our blog, and all over if you have never had the chance to buy our kits. These cupcakes are extra special as we will be publishing them in our newsletter, so they need to be our products for at least 80% of the finished entry.

- Create your cupcake and put it on the background paper of your choice, or on a plain colored background. Save it like you would a layout at 600 x 600 pixels and at 72 dpi. Post this in the gallery here. Then come back here to this thread and post a link to your cupcake in our gallery. Please be careful when you post your link to not use the one from your address bar in your browser. The correct link to share a layout from our gallery is below the actual picture in the gallery once it is uploaded. You will get an entry in our prize drawing for your participation. Also, the cupcake template is commercial use!

- The cupcake decorating contest will end on Wednesday at 5 PM Eastern and the winners will be announced on the site that evening. You will be PM'd with your prize.
- Have fun. There are no rules on design for this contest. Live a little. Make your cupcake have google eyes. Give your cupcake antlers. It's up to you.


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