Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Ebay!

I've added a few albums that will be ending today (around 6 PM EST) to my eBay listings. I'm working on getting the listings done for all of my sticker & paper packs, not to mention combo & snap packs. I still have some 5x7 albums, too. And, believe it or not, I still have more!! LOL! I am trying to get photos taken, but it is so time consuming when I can only take so many photos on the internal memory for my camera. I then have to go & get them off the camera, delete them & then go take more photos...phew! What a pain!!!

Austin's team (which Tom coaches, by the way!) won the championship!!! It was a shame that they had to play the other Glenolden team 1st, but that's how it goes. They went on to cheer Prospect Park to win, so they wouldn't have to play Ridley again...PP WON!!! Ridley was so mad & upset...quite a shame, but PP gave Glenolden a run for their money at first!! They all played really well & we wound up winning 3-1, with all 3 goals being scored within the last 10 minutes of the game. They were losing 0-1 up until that point! Whew!!! It was soooo cold that night & one of Tom's players, the goalie, decided to dump his ice water bottle over his head!! Too funny!!!! I thought he was going to be so mad, but he took it in stride! LOL! Congrats to all for an awesome win! I am glad the season is over, was getting too cold!! Austin is too old to play next year, but he should be able to play for the high school. This is a photo of Austin with his girlfriend, Alexa (Lexie) after they won on Wednesday & the other is of Tom with Lexie after Chris soaked him with the water!

I hope you got the chance to head over to Nicole's to get all her free kits. If not, you can get them at Kindred Creations and here are some others and even more They are for sale now, but they are worth it. They are adding the rest of her kits, so be sure to check back often! Make sure you check out her latest colab kit this coming week. It's called Love & Joy. Really awesome kit!!! Doubly awesome since you get twice as much stuff!!! Make sure you go to both Nicole's and Amber's site each day Monday through Friday to get all of the parts!!

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