Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of stuff happening around here!!

Wow! What a busy weekend we've had!! I worked Saturday & Sunday...not fun at all!! We have been so busy! I keep asking, "what recession???" People just seem to spend money like there's no tomorrow!! Today, a woman purchased $444 worth of Easter "china"...plates, mugs, bowls, serving platters, etc. WOW! How crazy!!

We went to dinner with friends last night...Tom, Alexa & I, that is! It was nice to get together since we haven't done it in such a long time!! We went to Hibachi, which is a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you. So cool! We had a really great time! Tom took Kelsey, Austin & Alexa to Chuck E. Cheese's for a BD sorry I had to work LOL! I really just don't like the noise & the 400 kids running & screaming like lunatics!! Not my idea of a fun time. Tom said the kids had fun, though & Alexa really enjoyed watching all the kids running around. Did he bring the camera like I asked???? NOOOOOOOO!! Next time I need to just put it in the diaper bag like I wanted to!! After I finished work, we went to Lonestar Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday, as well as Kelsey & Austin's. Did Tom bring the camera this time ??? NOPE!!! GRRRRR! This is so typical!! I have been taking "everyday" shots for project 365, but I have NO special occasion shots, if they've happened outside of this house!! Crazy!!!

Anyway...if you have a Lonestar near you, sign up for their E Club...they send you a coupon for a free appetizer when you sign up & then they send you another coupon for a free entree for your birthday (up to $15!!!). They are pretty quick about it, too...I signed up the day before my BD & got it within an hour!!! Cool gift & yummy food!!! 11 of us ate for $113 before the tip!! We had 2 appetizers & 2 ice creams, too!! Pretty awesome!!

I was cut from the Pretty Scrappy Race today :o( That's ok, though, since I don't think I really had time to be on that team right now. I did have fun, but I REALLY love the kit they are working with this week. I'm not sure if I liked how they had us in 2 groups using different kits...didn't really seem like a level playing field, but whatever. Anyway, here are some layouts I've done over the past few weeks or so.

Speed Sprap #7 from Digi-Designs by Nicole's forum
I used "Dreamin" for everything except the staples and string (The Necessities & All Girl) by Digi-Designs by Nicole
This is from the annual musical we're involved with. My eldest son, Tommy (LeFou), suprised us all when hetried out for the part. He normally did technical crew & stage crew. He loved it & was perfect for the role & did an awesome job!!

Template Challenge at Digi-Designs by Nicole's forum

This was for a "whisper down the lane" type challenge over at CafeMom

I used "Alias" for mostly everything, except the alpha is from "All Boy" and the bracket is from "The Necessities" all from Digi-Designs by Nicole

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